Yosemite Sam Sounds

Fearless Freep - that's my boy37k
Come on, quit stallin'29k
Now you dog-blasted ornery no-acount long eared varmaint38k
I hate you19k
Ooh, what a grouch23k
Get that rabbit15k
You moth-eaten rabbit15k
Now where'd that skunk of a rabbit go25k
Maybe that'll learn ya to keep your big mouth shut30k
Why, you mangy, fang-toothed critter37k
Wait'll I lay my hands on that varmaint33k
I hates rabbits25k
I paid my four bits to see the high divin' act, and I'm gonna see the high divin' act62k
Pickins is mighty slim 'round here, hardly any reward for a day's work59k
Why, it's getting so a man can't earn a dishonest livin' no more53k
Well, if it ain't my old friend the rabbit32k
Say, I like you, you're a good joe41k
Ahoy there! Enemy ahoy!61k
A rabbit, ah hah hah hah, a rabbit!48k
Who am I - I'm Sam Von Schmam the Hessian, that's who I am101k
Then prepare to defend yourself, rabbit!30k
You ornery fur-bearin' rebel, you'll pay for this52k
Bugs and Sam play baseball with a bomb177k
Ya better say yer prayers, ya flea-bitten varmaint, I'm a-gonna blow ya to smithereenies81k
I'm a hessian without no aggression - If ya can't beat 'em, join 'em. If ya can't beat 'em, join 'em88k
Stop breathing on my ya idjit25k
Dragons is so stupid30k
Git er goin, or I'll blow yer carcass right out from under your hat48k
Quick, quick, do something, we're gonna crash37k
Read faster or i'll blast your head off27k
Oh, no20k
Okay you crazy galut, i'm sorry34k
No! No! Never!21k
Open that bridge, varmaint, open it i say80k
Okay rabbit, you forced me to use force44k
When i get my hands on that money i'll buy the ol lady's home and kick the old ladies out132k
Ooh, what a night25k
Great horny toads18k
I can see you through the keyhole57k
Gimme the lumps! I want the lumps!126k
That dame's taking everything but the kitchen sink40k
My orders from General Lee is to hold the Masie-Dixie line, and no Yankee's a-crossin it72k
I'm no clock watcher19k
Okay, Yankee, stick 'em - BOOM - up58k
That's right, Yosemite Sam, the roughest toughest hombre that ever locked horns with a rabbit85k
I'll keelhaul you for this43k
Gotta burn my boots, they touched Yankee soil35k
I smells carrots a-cookin, and where there's carrots, there's rabbits84k
The first one that tries to get outa here to warn that rabbit gets his hide blown off258k
That carn sarn idjit rabbit bit my nose43k
Come outa there you flea-bitten varmaint afore i blast the fur clean off'n yer carcass63k
Now start prayin' cause I'm a-blowin yuh ta smithereenies at the count of ten60k
Goodbye, rabbit16k
Gives Bugs to the count of ten before blowing him to smithereenies205k
Gimme that hat14k
Oooh, you durn crazy galoot33k
Wwwwhy you doggone crazy idjit30k
Whew, it sure is gettin powerful warm in here48k
Now git in that oven22k
Now quit stallin' and start roastin'29k
Well, here i am, ready and a-rarin' ta go54k
Falling and cursing #182k
Falling and cursing #298k
Falling and cursing #3168k
I'm a pirate, Seagoing Sam, the bloodthirstiest, shootemfirstiest, etc118k
Singing I can't get along little dogie114k
Shut up shuttin' up17k
Shut up10k
I want you baby, your eyes, your lips, come with me to the casbah, we'll make beautiful music together92k
Shut up - okay, I'm shuttin' up etc - shut up shuttin' up124k
Ahhhh, shaddap26k
Well I speak loud, and I carry a bigger stick55k
Open that bridge34k
Close it38k
Oh no ya don't22k
Great horny toads, a trespasser, getting footyprints all over my desert76k
Whoa camel, whoa, when I say whoa, I mean WHOA156k
Now I hope that'll learn ya, ya hump back mulee46k
I'm Riff Raff Sam, the riffiest riff that ever riffed a raff50k
When I say giddyap I mean GIDDYAP129k
Whoa camel, whoa, when I say whoa, I mean whoa (2)101k
Don't sneeze you stupid dragon, or you'll blow us to the moon90k
Whoa dragon, whoa81k
Stupid dragon26k