WB Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is a modified version of the alt.animation.warner-bros FAQ compiled By: Will Bell


1. Questions about specific Looney Tunes

2. General Information about Looney Tunes

3. Web Site Specific questions.

1. Questions about specific Looney Tunes

Q1.1. Explain the joke with 'Richard' in 1948-1952 Looney Tunes.

A1.1. It is a reference to a hugely popular song from the 1940's entitled 'Open the door, Richard'. Compare it to a silly surprise hit like "Don't Worry, Be Happy" or "Whoomp! There it is". The original was by Louis Jordan and can be found in the Jazz section.

The classic use of this reference is in "High Diving Hare" (?) where Bugs has built a door and Yosemite Sam yells at the rabbit to "Open the door! Open the door!" Then, in an aside, "You'll notice I didn't say Richard". Yuk yuk yuk.

Q1.2. Can anyone give the source of "Confidentially, it stinks." (or other similar lines)?

A1.2. EO Costello has put together a very good list of explanations they may be found at: www.spumco.com

Q1.3. What is "Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs?"

A1.3. It is a notorious 1943 cartoon directed by Bob Clampett which is basically a retelling of Snow White in blackface. The caricatures of blacks in this cartoon are inappropriate by today's standards, but the overall cartoon is a funny parody of the Disney Classic. It can be found on VHS (see Whole Toon Catalog).

Q1.4. What were those great cartoons starring Bugs, Daffy, and Elmer that always had Daffy getting his beak rearranged in various ways?

A1.4. The three toons were directed by Chuck Jones: "Rabbit Fire" (1951) -- Wabbit season, Duck Season, Elmer Season "Rabbit Seasoning" (1952) -- shoot him now, or wait till you get home? "Duck! Rabbit! Duck!" (1953) -- dirty skunk season, elk season, etc.

Q1.5. What were those wacky names in Marvin the Martian cartoons? * In "Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 century", Daffy goes to Planet X to seek out Illudium Phosdex, the shaving cream atom. (Spelling taken from *Chuck Amuck* so we'll consider that canon.)

* In "Hare-Way to the Stars", Marvin is going to blow up the Earth using the Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator. (Spelling assumed same as above, but Q-36 vs. Pew-36 is debatable.)

* Marvin's dog's name: "Commander K-9".

Q1.6. What wase the name of that funny little guy in.... ? * The two Chip-N-Dale-like gophers were known as "The Goofy Gophers". Though they never addressed each other by name, their names were Mac and Tosh.

* The name of the big red furry thing with high-top sneakers (appearing in the shorts "Hair-Raising Hare" and "Water, Water, Every Hare") is Gossamer.

* The singing frog (from Chuck Jones's famous "One Froggy Evening"), who is now famous for being spokesfrog of the Warner Bros. TV Network, originally had no name. Jones later gave him the name Michigan J. Frog.

Q1.7. Tell me, does that coyote EVER catch that roadrunner?

A1.7. In a 1980 made-for-TV short, "Soup Or Sonic" (directed by Chuck Jones), Wile E. grabs the roadrunner's leg! ... however, he's only a couple of inches high (thanks to a neat gag involving a chase through a pipeline that gradually gets narrower and narrower), while RR is full-size! Wile E. then holds up a sign reading, "Okay, wise guys, you always wanted me to catch him. Now what do I do?" (text taken from Beck & Friedwald.)

Q1.8. Is Tweety a boy or a girl?

A1.8. Tweety is definitely a boy. He was said to be modeled after a baby picture o his creator Robert Clampett.

2. General Information about Looney Tunes

Q2.1. Who controls the rights to what Looney Tunes?

A2.1. Turner currently holds the rights to all color cartoons copyrighted prior to Sept. 1, 1948 plus all black-and-white Harman/Ising Merrie Melodies except 1931's "Lady Play Your Mandolin". Warner owns all the rest, and both companies claim to own 1948's "Odor of the Day".

Note also, that many of the cartoons controlled by Turner are now in the public domain (presumably due to forgetfulness or laziness on the part of Associated Artists Productions in renewing the copyright). These are the cartoons that you will find on the bargain-basement compilations. Beware of poor tape quality on such compilations.

Q2.2. What has been released on video by Warner, Turner, etc.?

A2.2. Most of Turner's cartoons have been released in some form. There are a number of VHS series and 5 volumes of "The Golden Age Of Looney Tunes" (laserdisc sets with 70 cartoons each).

The cartoons are also shown on TNT, but unfortunately that channel has begun superimposing a very distracting TNT logo on the corner that IMO negates the possibility of building a cartoon library by taping off the TV.

For Warners' cartoons: From 1985-1992, the "24 Karat" VHS series was available, and contained most of what are considered the 'classic' WB shorts. This series is now out of print. If you spot one in a store you should consider yourself lucky and buy it right away.

WB has released 12 laser discs which include many of the 'classic' cartoons as well as new-to-video shorts. WB is also releasing a number of new VHS collections that feature new-to-video shorts. IMO these are the lesser-quality shorts that appear on these new VHS collections.

Q2.3. What is up with a recall of *The Golden Age of Looney Tunes* having to do with the 1944 short "Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips"?

A2.3. Due to pressure from a Japanese group, VHS cassettes containing "BBNTN" have been recalled. Volume 7 of the GAOLT VHS set and the 5-tape GAOLT boxed set have been recalled. Volume 7 will be reissued minus "BBNTN". Don't know about the boxed set.

As for the laserdisc set of GAOLT volume 1, latest word is that existing copies will continue to be sold. New pressings of GAOLT Vol. 1 will not contain "BBNTN".

Q2.4. Wait... there aren't 7 volumes of GAOLT!

A2.4. Volume 1 of the Golden Age of Looney Tunes laserdisc set has been released on 10 separately-sold VHS tapes, numbered volumes 1 through 10, corresponding to the 10 sides of the laser set. It has also been released on a boxed set of 5 VHS tapes.

Q2.5. Does anyone have a list of videos and the cartoons that are on them?

A2.5. Check out the database search on this page for a complete listing.

Q2.6. I can't find anyone around here that sells that video.

A2.6. The definitive source of any cartoons on video (not just Looney Tunes) is Whole Toon Access. Their catalog is a must-have for any cartoon lover. Call 1-206-391-8747 or write to them at PO Box 369, Issaquah, WA 98027-0369 to get a current catalog.

Q2.7. What about Warner Bros Studio Stores and the WB Catalog?

A2.7. The Warner Bros Catalog sells Looney Tunes material as well as promotional materials for their current movies and TV shows. The merchandise is usually overpriced and unexceptional (IMHO). Write to: Warner Bros. Catalog, PO Box 60048, Tampa FL 33660-0048, or call (800) 223-6524 to request a catalog.

Most of the merchandise available in the catalog is also available at the Warner Bros. Studio Stores. These are not as widespread as the Disney stores. Call the catalog # to find a store near you.

Q2.8. Any other toon newsgroups that discuss Warner cartoons?

A2.8. "Animaniacs" and "Tiny Toon Adventures" have their own newsgroups, alt.tv.animaniacs and alt.tv.tiny-toon. Discussion of "Batman" and "Taz-Mania", as well as general discussion of animation, occurs in rec.arts.animation. All three groups have FAQ's.

Q2.9. Does anyone have a gif of (MyFaveAnimatedScene?)

A2.9. Check out the archives here on the site to see if the image you are looking for exists.

Q2.10. Any good books I need to know about?

A2.10. These books are lifted straight from the r.a.a. faq. Adamson, Joe; "Bugs Bunny: Fifty Years and only One Grey Hare"; 19??; Similar to Schneider's book, but focusing on Bugs Bunny. Contains detailed writeups on many of Bugs's best cartoons.

Beck, Jerry and Will Friedwald; "Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies"; 1988; Ultimate reference of Warner Brothers cartoons. Chronological filmography of releases with synopses and full credits.

Blanc, Mel; "That's not All, Folks"; Mel Blanc's autobiography. Limited comments on his work with WB cartoons.

Jones, Chuck; "Chuck Amuck --- The Life and Times of an Animated Cartoonist"; 1990; An autobiography of Chuck Jones. It has a fair number of sketches, stories etc about the Warner Bros. studios. Includes a filmography.

Schneider, Steve; "That's All Folks" 1988; Detailed history of the Warner Brothers cartooning. Chapters focus on individual characters and a complete chronological filmography is included. Lavishly illustrated.

Q2.11. Are there any compilations of Raymond Scott music?

A2.11. Yes. One compilation is on Columbia Records (a major label) and is entitled "The Music of Raymond Scott: Reckless Nights and Turkish Twilights". The catalog # of the CD is CK 53028. This CD has most of the well-known Scott songs and has a very interesting bio of Scott in the 18-page booklet. If your local record store doesn't have this, they should be able to special order it for you.

Preceding this release was a CD from Stash Records entitled "The Raymond Scott Project". It appears to have mostly the same songs and also features "a terrific booklet of liner notes covering the career of this wonderful ... composer". Available through the Whole Toon Catalog. its catalog # there is STA 543.

3. Web Site Specific questions

Q3.1. May I add a link to your site?

A3.1. Certainly. You need not ask permission to do so we are happy to have links to our web page. We do ask, however that you link only to the main page http://www.nonstick.com this prevents users from getting stale links to pages that have moved.

Q3.2. How do I download the cool graphics or sound files available on your site?

A3.2. Some browsers are different but most allow you to click on the right mouse button when selecting an image to "save as" on MACs this may be done by using one of the keys like the apple key while clicking on a graphic or sound link.

Q3.3. Why was this site created?

A3.3. This site was created to help provide accurate historical information regarding Classic WB animation. The site was created in 1995 as a labor of love by Jay McCarthy. Since then, it has expanded significantly through the help of many friends. Awards, and supportive email are too numerous to count.

Q.3.4. What is the future of this page?

A3.4. Mr. McCarthy is very busy these days and has limited time to dedicate to the page, however several enhancements are planned for 1998/1999 these include:

  • More historical footage, interviews, transcripts etc, including videos.
  • Modernizing of the HTML content.
  • More database applications.
  • More trivia facts.

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