Tweety Sounds

I tawt I taw a putty tat20k
I did, I did taw a putty tat30k
Singing Tweety's song176k
What's this, a wetter for me21k
Well waddya know, I've got an admirer31k
I wonder what that putty tat up to now27k
Oh hewo putty tat, what you doing up there33k
Aw, the poor putty tat fall down32k
Oh, doody, doody, a supwise for me33k
Thomas Jefferson - he's not pwesident any more, he's dead81k
Bad old putty tat20k
Oh oh, that putty tat after me again31k
Singing Jingle Bells109k
Well what do you know, a piece of spagetti with eyes105k
Baby, it's cold outside36k
I tawt I taw a tweety bird - I tawt I taw a putty tat165k
Something tells me that putty is somewhere awound here, cwose to me,111k
You know, I wose more putty tats that way27k
Oh oh, wecked the putty tat24k
Don't I know you from somewhere19k
Poor putty tat17k
Oooh, that putty tat, he mad at me33k
Bad ol' putty tat! You fwighten me! You make me witto heart quiver!86k
That ol' putty tat never gonna catch me now25k
Uh oh, the putty tat after me again! He mad at me, I will have to fwee for my witto wife67k
I tawt i taw a - fwee fweew!24k
Now how you spose i got me witto self in such a pwedicament33k
Bombs away33k
That bad ol' putty tat never gonna find me in here33k
Tweety driving a choo-choo train496k
Wee, I'll bet we doin' ninety miles an hour34k
Kiss Me Sweet part 189k
Kiss Me Sweet part 291k
What's the matter, something going on behind my back31k
You see, he's really a nice putty tat - eeeehh47k
Kiss the witto birdie18k
I got a petuliar feelin that puddy tat is up to something41k
I tink he mad at me19k
Singin' In The Bathtub391k
That wast step was a woo woo29k
That putty tat is sure going to a lot of twouble to get into twouble44k
They still haven't perfected fwying40k
I better hide, or that bad old putty tat gonna get me38k
Turning into the Hyde monster107k
You bad old putty tat (Hyde monster)105k
Oh doody doody, look at that nice putty tat trying to tave me54k
Aw, the poor putty tat fall down - Yeah, the poor putty tat fall down78k
Come on, putty tat, kiss the wittow birdie34k
Ooh, he's a bad putty tat31k