Titles Not Available on Video

WB Animation Not Available on Video

Compiled By Paul David Hendry, Sat,17 Sep 1994 18:28:52 GMT

Here is a list of Warner Brothers cartoons that are not available on video as far as I know. If anyone knows if any of the following cartoons are or were avaiable on video at any time, I would much appreciate it if they told me the names and catalogue numbers of the tapes/LD's that they are available on. Thanks!

Date Cartoon Title
September, 1931 MM Lady Play Your Mandolin
October 15th, 1932 MM I Wish I had Wings
January 1st, 1933 LT Ride Him Bosko!
February 6th, 1933 LT Bosko's Dizzy Date
1933 LT Bosko the Drawback
March 4th, 1933 MM Young and Healthy
March 22nd, 1933 LT Bosko's Woodland Daze
March 22nd, 1933 LT Bosko in Dutch
April 10th, 1933 LT Bosko in Person
June 8th, 1933 LT Bosko's Knight-Mare
June 13th, 1933 MM I Like Mountain Music
June 14th, 1933 LT Bosko the Sheep-Herder
June 1st, 1933 LT Beau Bosko
September 9th, 1933 LT Buddy's Day Out
September 16th, 1933 LT Bosko the Musketeer
September 18th, 1933 LT Bosko's Picture Show
September 23rd, 1933 MM I've Got to Sing a TorchSong
November 11th, 1933 LT Buddy's Beer Garden
December 9th, 1933 LT Buddy's Show Boat
December 16th, 1933 MM Sittin' On a Backyard Fence
January 13th, 1934 LT Buddy the Gob
January 27th, 1934 MM Pettin' in the Park
February 24th, 1934 LT Buddy and the Towser
April 14th, 1934 LT Buddy's Garage
April 26th, 1934 MM Those Were Wonderful Days
May 5th, 1934 LT Buddy's Trolley Troubles
May 19th, 1934 MM Goin' to Heaven on a Mule
May 26th, 1934 LT Buddy of the Apes
June 9th, 1934 MM How Do I Know It's Sunday
June 23rd, 1934 LT Buddy's Bearcats
June 30th, 1934 MM Why Do I Dream These Dreams?
August 23rd, 1934 MM The Girl at the Ironing Board
October 13th, 1934 MM The Miller's Daughter
October 17th, 1934 MM Shake Your Powder Puff
October 17th, 1934 LT Buddy the Detective
October 20th, 1934 LT Buddy the Woodsman
November 8th, 1934 LT Buddy's Circus
December 8th, 1934 MM Pop Goes Your Heart (2/C)
December 12th, 1934 LT Viva Buddy (B&W)
January 19th, 1935 MM Mr. and Mrs. is the Name (2/C)
February 2nd, 1935 MM Rhythm in the Bow (B&W)
February 9th, 1935 MM The Country Boy (2/C)
March 5th, 1935 LT Buddy's Adventures (B&W)
March 5th, 1935 LT Buddy the Dentist (B&W)
March 9th, 1935 LT Buddy's Pony Express (B&W)
April 1st, 1935 LT Buddy's Theatre (B&W)
April 4th, 1935 LT Buddy of the Legion (B&W)
May 4th, 1935 MM My Green Fedora (2/C)
May 18th, 1935 LT Buddy's Lost World (B&W)
June 8th, 1935 MM Into Your Dance (???)
June 22nd, 1935 LT Buddy's Bug Hunt (B&W)
July 6th, 1935 LT Buddy in Africa (B&W)
July 13th, 1935 MM The Country Mouse (2/C)
July 20th, 1935 LT Buddy Steps Out (B&W)
August 17th, 1935 MM The Merry Old Soul (2/C)
August 24th, 1935 LT Buddy the Gee Man (B&W)
September 21st, 1935 LT A Cartoonist's Nightmare (B&W)
October 19th, 1935 MM Little Dutch Plate (2/C)
January 6th, 1936 LT Gold Diggers of '49 (B&W)
January 11th, 1936 MM I Wanna Play House (3/C)
February 1st, 1936 LT The Phantom Ship (B&W)
February 8th, 1936 MM The Cat Came Back (2/C)
March 9th, 1936 LT Alpine Antics (B&W)
March 9th, 1936 LT The Fire Alarm (B&W)
April 11th, 1936 MM I'm a Big Shot Now
April 25th, 1936 LT Westward Whoa
April 30th, 1936 LT Plane Dippy
May 18th, 1936 MM I'd Love to Take Orders From You
May 23rd, 1936 LT Fish Tales
May 30th, 1936 MM Bingo Crosbyana
June 26th, 1936 LT Shanghaied Shipmates
June 27th, 1936 MM When I Yoo Hoo
July 11th, 1936 LT Porky's Pet
August 1st, 1936 LT Porky the Rainmaker
August 8th, 1936 MM Sunday Go To Meetin' Time
August 22nd, 1936 LT Porky's Poultry Plant
August 29th, 1936 MM At Your Service Madame
September 19th, 1936 MM Toytown Hall
October 3rd, 1936 LT Milk and Money
October 7th, 1936 LT Porky's Moving Day
November 7th, 1936 MM Don't Look Now
December 5th, 1936 LT The Village Smithy
December 19th, 1936 LT Porky of the Northwoods
January 9th, 1937 LT Porky the Wrestler
February 6th, 1937 LT Porky's Road Race
February 27th, 1937 LT Picador Porky
March 27th, 1937 MM The Fella With the Fiddle
April 3rd, 1937 LT Porky's Romance
April 10th, 1937 MM She Was an Acrobat's Daughter
April 17th, 1937 MM Ain't We Got Fun
May 5th, 1937 LT Porky and Gabby
May 22nd, 1937 MM Clean Pastures
June 19th, 1937 LT Porky's Building
June 19th, 1937 MM Streamlined Greta Green
June 26th, 1937 MM Sweet Sioux
July 3rd, 1937 LT Porky's Super Service
July 24th, 1937 LT Porky's Badtime Story
July 31st, 1937 MM Plenty of Money and You
August 21st, 1937 MM A Sunbonnet Blue
September 18th, 1937 MM Dog Daze
October 9th, 1937 LT Rover's Rival
October 16th, 1937 MM The Lyin' Mouse
November 13th, 1937 LT Porky's Double Trouble
January 15th, 1938 LT Porky's Poppa
January 29th, 1938 MM My Little Buckaroo
February 5th, 1938 LT Porky at the Crocadero
February 26th, 1938 LT What Price Porky
March 12th, 1938 MM The Sneezing Weasel
April 2nd, 1938 MM A Star Is Hatched
April 16th, 1938 LT Porky's Five and Ten
May 14th, 1938 MM Now That Summer Is Gone
May 21st, 1938 LT Injun Trouble (could be confused with 690920)
May 28th, 1938 MM The Isle of Pingo-Pongo
June 4th, 1938 LT Porky the Fireman
July 25th, 1938 LT Porky's Spring Planting
August 27th, 1938 LT Wholly Smoke
October 15th, 1938 LT Porky's Naughty Nephew
November 5th, 1938 LT Porky in Egypt
December 17th, 1938 LT Porky the Gob
December 31st, 1938 MM The Mice Will Play
January 14th, 1939 MM Dog Gone Modern
January 28th, 1939 LT It's an Ill Wind
February 18th, 1939 LT Porky's Tire Trouble
April 1st, 1939 LT Chicken Jitters
April 22nd, 1939 LT Porky and Teabiscuit
July 29th, 1939 MM Snow Man's Land
August 5th, 1939 LT Wise Quacks
August 26th, 1939 MM Detouring America
September 2nd, 1939 LT Porky's Hotel
September 23rd, 1939 LT Jeepers Creepers
October 7th, 1939 LT Naughty Neighbors
December 16th, 1939 LT The Film Man
December 30th, 1939 MM Curious Puppy
January 6th, 1940 LT Porky's Last Stand
January 27th, 1940 LT Africa Squeaks
March 16th, 1940 LT Pilgrim Porky
April 13th, 1940 LT Slap-Happy Pappy
April 27th, 1940 LT Porky's Poor Fish
June 8th, 1940 LT The Chewin' Bruin
July 6th, 1940 LT Porky's Baseball Broadcast
September 8th, 1940 MM Stage Fright
October 12th, 1940 LT Prehistoric Porky
November 2nd, 1940 LT The Sour Puss
December 21st, 1940 MM Shop Look and Listen
January 11th, 1941 LT Porky's Snooze Reel
January 18th, 1941 MM The Fighting 69th 1/2
May 10th, 1941 LT Porky's Ant
June 21st, 1941 LT Porky's Prize Pony
July 5th, 1941 LT Meet John Doughboy
August 9th, 1941 LT We the Animals Squeak
February 14th, 1942 LT Who's Who In the Zoo
February 21st, 1942 LT Porky's Cafe
April 11th, 1942 LT Saps in Chaps
May 23rd, 1942 LT Nutty News
June 6th, 1942 LT Hobby Horse-Laffs
June 27th, 1942 LT Gopher Goofy
July 11th, 1942 LT Wacky Blackout
March 27th, 1943 LT Hop and Go
July 17th, 1943 MM Tin Pan Alley Cats
December 11th, 1943 LT Puss n' Booty
June 3rd, 1944 LT Angel Puss
September 2nd, 1944 MM Goldilocks and the Jivin' Bears
1945 PS Secrets of the Caribbean
August 21st, 1948 MM Hot Cross Bunny
September 25th, 1948 MM Hare Splitter
1949 SS So Much For So Little
January 22nd, 1949 MM Holiday For Drumsticks
February 12th, 1949 LT Porky Chops
May 14th, 1949 MM The Bee-Deviled Bruin
June 4th, 1949 MM Bowery Bugs
July 2nd, 1949 LT Henhouse Henery
October 14th, 1949 LT Swallow the Leader
November 19th, 1949 MM Hippety Hopper
December 3rd, 1949 LT Which is Witch?
December 13th, 1949 LT A Ham in a Role
January 21st, 1950 MM Hurdy Gurdy Hare
February 18th, 1950 LT The Lion's Busy
March 11th, 1950 MM Homeless Hare
July 22nd, 1950 LT It's Hummer Time
October 7th, 1950 LT Canary Row
November 11th, 1950 LT Bushy Hare
November 25th, 1950 LT Caveman Inki
December 30th, 1950 LT Two's a Crowd
January 20th, 1951 MM A Fox in a Fix
February 24th, 1951 LT 1171 Puddy Tat Twouble / Putty Tat Trouble (first name is wrong)
March 3rd, 1951 MM Corn Plastered
April 7th, 1951 LT A Bone for a Bone
May 12th, 1951 MM Early to Bet
August 11th, 1951 LT His Hare Raising Tale
August 28th, 1951 MM Cheese Chasers
November 3rd, 1951 MM Sleepy Time Possum
February 23rd, 1952 MM Foxy by Proxy
April 5th, 1952 MM Kiddin' the Kitten
May 10th, 1952 LT Sock-A-Doodle Doo / Sock A Doodle Do
May 24th, 1952 SS Orange Blossoms For Violet
June 28th, 1952 MM The Turn-Tale Wolf
July 26th, 1952 MM Oily Hare
August 9th, 1952 LT Hoppy Go Lucky
September 8th, 1952 LT Mouse Warming
October 4th, 1952 MM The Eggcited Rooster
November 29th, 1952 MM Terrier Stricken
December 13th, 1952 LT Fool Coverage
January 17th, 1953 LT Snow Business
February 4th, 1953 LT Forward March Hare
February 21st, 1953 LT Kiss Me Cat
March 28th, 1953 LT A Peck o' Trouble
April 4th, 1953 MM Fowl Weather
June 6th, 1953 LT There Auto Be a Law
June 27th, 1953 MM Tom Tom Tomcat
July 11th, 1953 MM Wild Over You (Pepe le Pew)
October 17th, 1953 LT Easy Peckin's
November 28th, 1953 MM Cat's Aweigh
January 30th, 1954 MM I Gopher You
February 20th, 1954 MM Wild Wife
February 27th, 1954 MM No Barking
April 17th, 1954 MM Bell Hoppy
May 1st, 1954 LT No Parking Hare
July 10th, 1954 MM The Oily American
August 28th, 1954 LT Yankee Doodle Bugs
September 18th, 1954 MM Goo Goo Goliath
October 2nd, 1954 LT By Word of Mouse
October 30th, 1954 MM Quack Shot
December 11th, 1954 MM Sheep Ahoy
1955 SS A Hitch in Time
January 1st, 1955 MM Pizzicato Pussycat
March 12th, 1955 MM Lighthouse Mouse
April 2nd, 1955 LT Sandy Claws
June 11th, 1955 LT Rabbit Rampage
August 20th, 1955 MM A Kiddie's Kitty (A Kiddies Kitty)
November 26th, 1955 LT Heir Conditioned
December 17th, 1955 MM Pappy's Puppy
1956 SS 90 Day Wondering
January 28th, 1956 LT Too Hop to Handle
February 11th, 1956 MM Weasel Stop
February 18th, 1956 LT The High and the Flighty
March 31st, 1956 MM Heaven Scent (Pepe le Pew)
April 14th, 1956 LT Mixed Master
May 19th, 1956 MM Tree Cornered Tweety
June 2nd, 1956 MM The Unexpected Pest
June 16th, 1956 MM Napolean Bunny-Part
June 23rd, 1956 MM Tugboat Granny
July 21st, 1956 LT Barbary Coast Bunny
August 4th, 1956 MM Rocket-bye Baby
August 18th, 1956 MM Half Fare Hare
August 25th, 1956 LT Raw! Raw! Rooster
September 1st, 1956 MM The Slap-Hoppy Mouse (erroneously "The Slap-Happy Mouse" on The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show)
November 24th, 1956 MM Two Crows From Tacos
December 8th, 1956 LT The Honey-Mousers
1957 SS Drafty Isn't It?
January 12th, 1957 MM Tweet Zoo (Pepe le Pew-like skunk ?)
February 23rd, 1957 LT Go Fly a Kit
May 4th, 1957 LT Cheese it the Cat
May 11th, 1957 MM Fox Terror
May 25th, 1957 LT Piker's Peak
June 8th, 1957 LT Steal Wool
August 17th, 1957 MM Ducking the Devil
October 12th, 1957 MM Touche and Go (Pepe le Pew)
December 14th, 1957 MM Rabbit Romeo
February 1st, 1958 MM Hare-Less Wolf
April 26th, 1958 LT A Waggily Tale
May 10th, 1958 MM Feather Bluster
May 31st, 1958 LT Now Hare This
June 28th, 1958 MM To Itch His Own
July 26th, 1958 LT Dog Tales
August 6th, 1958 MM Weasel While You Work
September 27th, 1958 MM A Bird in a Bonnet
November 1st, 1958 LT Pre-Hysterical Hare
November 15th, 1958 LT Gopher Broke
January 24th, 1959 LT Mouse-Placed Kitten
February 28th, 1959 MM Hare-Abian Nights
April 4th, 1959 MM The Mouse that Jack Bilt
March 21st, 1959 MM Trick or Tweet
May 9th, 1959 LT Hot Rod and Reel!
May 23rd, 1959 LT A Mutt in a Rut
June 13th, 1959 MM Backwoods Bunny
August 15th, 1959 LT Cat's Paw
September 5th, 1959 MM Bonanza Bunny
September 26th, 1959 LT A Broken Leghorn
1959 LT Wild About Hurry
November 14th, 1959 MM Unnatural History
December 5th, 1959 MM Tweet Dreams
December 19th, 1959 MM People are Bunny
January 19th, 1960 LT Fastest With the Mostest
January 23rd, 1960 MM West of the Pesos
February 13th, 1960 LT Horse Hare
February 27th, 1960 MM Wild Wild World
April 1st, 1960 MM Person to Bunny
June 25th, 1960 MM Crocket-Doodle-Doo
July 15th, 1960 LT Mouse and Garden
August 20th, 1960 LT Mice Follies
September 24th, 1960 MM The Dixie Fryer
December 12th, 1960 MM Dog Gone People
December 17th, 1960 MM Lighter Than Hare
February 11th, 1961 LT Hoppy Daze
February 25th, 1961 MM The Mouse on 57th Street
March 18th, 1961 MM Strangled Eggs
April 22nd, 1961 MM D'Fightin' Ones
June 3rd, 1961 LT Lickety Splat
July 29th, 1961 MM Compressed Hare
September 2nd, 1961 LT Prince Violent (original) / Prince Varmint (TV release)
September 23rd, 1961 LT Daffy's Inn Trouble
October 21st, 1961 LT What's My Lion?
November 11th, 1961 MM Beep Prepared
January 20th, 1962 LT Wet Hare
March 10th, 1962 LT Fish and Slips
April 21st, 1962 MM Crow's Feat
June 2nd, 1962 SS The Adventures of the Road Runner
June 9th, 1962 MM Bill of Hare
June 30th, 1962 MM Zoom at the Top
July 21st, 1962 LT The Slick Chick
September 22nd, 1962 LT The Jet Cage
October 20th, 1962 MM Mother Was a Rooster
November 10th, 1962 LT Good Noose
December 8th, 1962 LT Shishkabugs
December 29th, 1962 LT Martian Through Georgia
January 19th, 1963 MM I Was a Teenage Thumb
February 9th, 1963 MM Devil's Feud Cake
March 9th, 1963 MM Fast Buck Duck
April , 1963 SS Philbert (Three's A Crowd)
April 6th, 1963 LT The Million Hare
April 20th, 1963 LT Mexican Cat Dance
May 11th, 1963 MM Woolen Under Where
April 27th, 1963 LT Now Hear This
June 8th, 1963 LT Hare-Breadth Hurry
August 17th, 1963 MM Chili Weather
September 28th, 1963 MM Aqua Duck
November 11th, 1963 MM Claws in the Lease
February 8th, 1964 LT A Message to Gracias
February 29th, 1964 MM Bartholomew Versus the Wheel
March 14th, 1964 LT Freudy Cat
April 25th, 1964 LT Nuts and Volts
May 16th, 1964 LT The Iceman Ducketh
June 6th, 1964 LT War and Pieces
June 27th, 1964 MM Hawaiian Aye Aye
July 16th, 1964 LT False Hare
August 1st, 1964 LT Senorella and the Glass Huarache
October 24th, 1964 LT Pancho's Hideaway
December 26th, 1964 MM Road to Andaly
1965 MM Roadrunner A Go Go
1965 MM Zip Zip Hooray
January 16th, 1965 LT It's Nice to Have a Mouse Around the House
February 27th, 1965 MM The Wild Chase
March 27th, 1965 LT Moby Duck
April 24th, 1965 MM Assault and Peppered
May 22nd, 1965 LT Well Worn Daffy
June 26th, 1965 MM Suppressed Duck
July 24th, 1965 MM Corn on the Cop
July 31st, 1965 MM Rushing Roulette
August 21st, 1965 MM Run Run Sweet Road Runner
August 28th, 1965 LT Tease for Two
September 18th, 1965 MM Tired and Feathered
October 9th, 1965 MM Boulder Wham
October 23rd, 1965 LT Chili Corn Corny
October 30th, 1965 MM Just Plane Beep
November 13th, 1965 MM Harried and Hurried
November 20th, 1965 MM [R.McKimson] Go Go Amigo
December 11th, 1965 LT [R.Larriva] Highway Runnery
December 25th, 1965 MM [R.Larriva] Chaser on the Rocks
January 1st, 1966 LT [R.McKimson] The Astroduck
January 8th, 1966 LT [R.Larriva] Shot and Bothered
January 29th, 1966 MM [R.Larriva] Out and Out Rout
February 5th, 1966 MM [R.McKimson] Muchos Locos
February 26th, 1966 MM [R.McKimson] Mexican Mousepiece
February 29th, 1966 LT [R.Larriva] The Solid Tin Coyote
March 12th, 1966 LT [R.Larriva] Clippety Clobbered
March 26th, 1966 LT [R.McKimson] Daffy Rents
May 21st, 1966 MM [R.McKimson] Snow Excuse
July 19th, 1966 LT [R.McKimson] A Squeak in the Deep
August 20th, 1966 MM [R.McKimson] Feather Finger
September 17th, 1966 LT [R.McKimson] Swing Ding Amigo
November 5th, 1966 LT [R.McKimson] Sugar and Spies
December 3rd, 1966 MM [R.McKimson] A Taste of Catnip
January 21st, 1967 MM [R.McKimson] Daffy's Diner
May 27th, 1967 MM [R.Larriva] The Music Mice-Tro
June 24th, 1967 LT [R.Larriva] The Spy Swatter
July 29th, 1967 MM [A.Lovy] Speedy Ghost to Town
September 23rd, 1967 LT [A.Lovy] Rodent to Stardom
September 30th, 1967 MM [A.Lovy] Go Away Stowaway
October 14th, 1967 LT [A.Lovy] Cool Cat
November 18th, 1967 MM [A.Lovy] Merlin the Magic Mouse
December 9th, 1967 LT [A.Lovy] Fiesta Fiasco
January 13th, 1968 LT [A.Lovy] Hocus Pocus Pow Wow
February 3rd, 1968 CS [A.Lovy] Norman Normal
February 10th, 1968 MM [A.Lovy] Big Game Haunt
March 9th, 1968 MM [A.Lovy] Skyscraper Caper
March 30th, 1968 LT [A.Lovy] Hippydrome Tiger
May 25th, 1968 MM [A.Lovy] Feud With a Dude
June 1st, 1968 SS [K.Mundie] The Door
June 29th, 1968 LT [A.Lovy] See Ya Later Gladiator
August 24th, 1968 LT [A.Lovy] 3 Ring Wing Ding
September 14th, 1968 LT [A.Lovy] Flying Circus
October 12th, 1968 MM [A.Lovy] Chimp and Zee
November 9th, 1968 MM [R.McKimson] Bunny and Claude (We Rob Carrot Patches)
January 25th, 1969 MM [R.McKimson] The Great Carrot Train Robbery
March 29th, 1969 LT [R.McKimson] Fistic Mystic
June 7th, 1969 MM [R.McKimson] Rabbit Stew and Rabbit's Too
June 28th, 1969 MM [R.McKimson] Shamrock and Roll
July 26th, 1969 LT [R.McKimson] Bugged by a Bee
September 20th, 1969 MM [R.McKimson] Injun Trouble (could be confused with 380521 Injun Trouble)