Sylvester and Junior Sounds

Sufferin' succotash23k
Aaahhhh, shaddap!27k
Your dirty double-crossing scheme didn't work32k
That is disgusting31k
Oh, father, what are we, cannibals - Yeah, heh heh heh65k
But you said - Never mind what I said28k
Sufferin' succotash, I've created a kindergarten Frankenstein61k
No one was hurt he says... sheesh!49k
This time son, we leave nothing to chance37k
This is the most diabolical bird catcher ever invented48k
I should say not17k
And that, my boy, is the way to catch a bird. S-s-simple, isn't it86k
Ooh, I just can't bear to watch29k
I'll blast that bird this time29k
Ooh, how can I face my friends34k
What's all the fuss about, son21k
Wouldn't you settle for a hamburger, father29k
My father, shooting at helpless old ladies43k
We're not huntin' inhumans, we're hunting birds42k
Father, you're just not human. Of course I'm not human, I'm a cat66k
Oh father, I do wish you'd give up this inhuman hunt46k
Kids. eeeeEEEEeee!29k
She's about as helpless as a porcupine in a nudist colony48k
Some sport, shooting at a bird with a cannon42k
Spoiled sport22k
Hiccup (Sylvester)6k
Okay, bub. You asked for it. -WHAP- Ooooooohhhhhh!68k
Aah, waddya lookin' for, a fat lip40k
Evil laugh29k
Granny, schmanny, your my Christmas present, and I'm-a wrappin' ya up, kid73k
Sufferin' succotash, what a present74k
Slurp - mmm, shishkebab39k
I hope I pounded that into your head26k
Holy mackerel! I forgot to put brakes on this silly thing51k
Stop it, ya knucklehead24k
Ah ha16k
Where there's cheeses, there's bound to be mouses52k
All right you little bitty pipsqueek about so long, about so long, about so, so, well, so long!156k
The mouse - the mouse! Monster! It's huge! It's giant! King size mouse! It jumps around, snarling!151k
What am I scared of, cats aren't afraid of mice, and I'm a cat168k
Well, I suppose he's gotta find out the hard way38k
Then I'm left holding the bag20k
J-j-just being a pussycat is a constant hazard61k
No use hiding, bird, I know you're around here somewheres59k
Open up, open up I say - open this door, or I'll knock it down68k
Fly! Fly Faster! Fly harder! Fly! FLYYYYYYYYY!!!56k
He's a killer! Help! Save me! AHH! AHH! AHH! Save me! He's a killer! HAALLP!77k
Hah! I gotcha!22k
And just to make sure you don't get out and that goon don't get in, I'm locking the door and tossing the key out the window90k
And now for that tweety sandwich I've been dreaming of47k
Stop squirming!20k
I can't stand a sore loser27k
And now for a little seasoning - there's cloves, tabasco sauce, mustard, what, no ketchup161k
What, no ketchup22k
Help! Open the door! Help! I'm locked in with a killer! AHH! Help! Help! AHH! AHH! AHH! HAAALP!95k
Help! Save me! AHH! AHH! AHH! Save me! He's a killer! HAALP!73k
I slip-p-p-t24k
Sylvester being searched for da boid56k
Ya dirty guys39k
I'm weak! I gotta have a bird!224k