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A Corny Concerto

Directed by Robert Clampett 1943

In this classic cartoon, Elmer Fudd introduces two marvelous shorts one starring Bugs Bunny, and Porky Pig. The other is called "Blue Danube" featuring a family of swans who get a few visits from a couple of other birds.

Daffy - The Commando

Directed by Friz Freleng 1943

In this WWII cartoon Daffy gives the Nazi's something to worry about. One crazy gag after the other keeps them on their toes.

Falling Hare

Directed by Robert Clampett 1943

Bugs meets his match in 1943 when he discovers that there are such things as gremlins. This cartoon is a rollercoaster ride as Bugs and the Gremlin spar with eachother for controll of a WWII Bomber.

Fresh Hare

Directed by Friz Freleng 1942

Elmer is a Candian mounty determined to get his man, or Rabbit in this case. Bugs shows Elmer that bringing him to justice might not be as easy as he planned.

Wackiki Wabbit

Directed by Chuck Jones 1943

Two unsuspecting ship-wrecked castaways find themselves famished, and on a deserted island where the only thing to eat is Rabbit. But as they discover, hunger is prefered to the agony that Bugs can inflict.