Other Notables

Other Notables


Arthur Davis
Ken Harris
Gerry Chiniquy
Hawley Pratt
Irv Spector
Rudy Larriva
Alex Lovy
Ken Mundie
Ub Iwerks
Norman McCabe
Ben Hardaway
Cal Howard
Cal Dalton


Michael Maltese
Tedd Pierce
Warren Foster
William Scott
Michael Sasanoff
Lou Lilly
Don Christensen
Dave Monahan
Sid Marcus
Rich Hogan
Melvin Millar
Cal Howard
Jack Miller
Sidney Marcus
Donald Smith
LLyod Turner
Dave Dixon
Pasul Stopokey
David Detiege
Ben Washam
Nick Bennion
Robert McKimson
Tony Benedict
Don Jurwich
Tom Dagenais
Dale Hale
Larz Bourne
Hugh Harman
Rudy Ising
Ben Hardaway
Chuck Jones
Friz Freleng
Arthur Davis
Rudy Larriva

Other Voices

Arthur Q. Bryan
Bernice Hansen
Gay Seabrooke
Sara Berner
Bea Benaderet
June Foray
Julie Bennet
Nancy Wible
Ruby Dandridger
Viv Dandridger
Lucille Bliss
Jack Benny
Mary Livingston
Don Wilson
Robert C. Bruce
Daws Butler
Stan Freberg
Larry Storch
Dick Beals
Johnny Scats Davis
Dave Weber
Cliff Nazzarro
Danny Webb
Phil Kramer
Earl Hodgins
Billy Bletcher
Kent Rigwers
Jim Backus
Vincent Price
Sheldon Leonard

Other Directors

Arthur Davis:

WB Toons:

Year Title Date
1946 Mouse Menace Nov. 2
1947 The Goofy Gophers Jan. 25
The Foxy Duckling Aug. 23
Doggone Cats Oct. 25
Mexican Joyride Nov. 29
Catch As Cats Can Dec. 6
1948 Two Gophers From Texas Jan. 17
What Makes Daffy Duck Feb. 14
A Hick, A Slick and A Chick Mar. 13
Nothing But The Tooth May. 1
Bone, Sweet Bone May 22
The Rattled Rooster June 26
Dough Ray Me-ow Aug. 14
The Pest That Came To Dinner Sept. 11
Odor Of The Day Oct. 2
The Stupor Salesman Nov. 20
Riff Raffy Daffy Nov. 27
1949 Holiday For Drumsticks Jan. 22
Porky Chops Feb. 12
Bowery Bugs June 4
Bye Bye Bluebeard Oct. 22

Ken Harris:

Year Title Date
1959 Hare-Abian Nights Feb. 28

Gerry Chiniquy:

Year Title Date
1964 Dumb Patrol Jan. 18
Hawaiian Aye Aye June 27

Hawley Pratt:

Year Title Date
1964 Senorella And The Glass Huarache Aug. 1
1965 The Wild Chase Feb. 27

Irv Spector:

Year Title Date
1965 Corn On The Cop July 24

Rudy Larriva:

Year Title Date
1965 Run, Run Sweet Road Runner Aug. 27
Tired And Feathered Sept. 18
Boulder Wham Oct. 9
Just Plane Beep Oct. 30
Harried And Hurried Nov. 13
Highway Runnery Dec. 11
Chaser On The Rocks Dec. 25
1966 Shot And Bothered Jan. 8
The Solid Tin Coyote Feb. 19
Out And Out Rout Mar. 12
Clippety Clobbered Mar. 26
1967 The Quacker Tracker Apr. 29
The Music Mice-Tro May. 27
The Spy Swatter June 24

Alex Lovy:

Year Title Date
1967 Speedy Ghost To Town July 29
Rodent To Stardom Sept. 23
Go Away Stowaway Sept. 30
Cool Cat Oct. 14
Merlin The Magic Mouse Nov. 18
Fiesta Fiasco Dec. 9
1968 Hocus Pocus Powwow Jan. 13
Norman Normal Feb. 3
Big Game Haunt Feb. 10
Skyscraper Caper Mar. 9
Hippydrome Tiger Mar. 30
A Feud With A Dude May 25
See Ya Later Gladiator June 29
Flying Circus Oct. 12
Chimp And Zee Nov. 30

Ken Mundie:

Year Title Date
1968 The Door June 1