Bugs Bunny Sounds

And now, ladies and gentlemen, for our next attraction37k
Neeh, what's up, doc24k
Hey, what's goin' on here23k
Watch that first step46k
Okay Mac, start poundin'79k
Are you in, genius24k
Ooh, I'm dyin'28k
Uh oh6k
Hit the road13k
What am I doin'13k
Hey, this promises to be fun28k
What's this - a letter - for me34k
Now where'd that come from14k
Holy cats I've been drafted25k
Nyah, pardon me Mac19k
Aye-aye, sir11k
Oh, woe is me23k
Oh, it looks like you outsmarted me31k
I'd better get outa here while the gettin's good27k
All the woild loves a lover, but in this case we'll make an exception48k
This you gotta see to believe18k
Only going to sentence you to 45 years75k
He'll catch on any minute now20k
Come outa there31k
One thing I cannot abide is a dishonest police officer50k
And I thought this was going to be a dull day27k
Okay, soldier, explain your actions32k
FORWARD.... march30k
Oh yeah - that's what he thinks27k
Why the noive of them guys22k
My spurting blood - yipe!30k
They went thataway20k
Wh-wh-what's up doc41k
Eeek! Yaaaah!25k
Scared in Evil Scientist's castle142k
My stars, where did you ever get that awful hairdo50k
Hmmm, not bad27k
Well, that's that46k
Hey - what the - what's goin' on51k
I need what little I've got82k
Nighty night26k
So goodbye to you and farewell to thee34k
Cut it out14k
Ya crazy idjit15k
That settles it15k
Don't be so danged literal23k
If I could only figure a way out of this trap41k
What a maroon, what an ignoranimous50k
Gads, what a night, I'll never mix radish juice and carrot juice again64k
Hey, who plugged up the hole28k
Why the sun ain't even out yet - no wonder I'm so slee... py48k
Well, ask a silly question79k
Something tells me I shoulda stood in bed32k
Where the heck am I anyways - well, wherever it is, I don't like it63k
Hey, maybe that character wearing the spitoon can help me35k
I wanna ask you something29k
I gotta get back to the earth69k
This Martian hotrod better get at least a million miles to the gallon53k
Back in cilivization36k
You'll be up to your armpits in Martians38k
Of course you know this means war30k
Don't you believe it35k
Ready or not, here I come23k
What you doin' way up there in the air by yourself32k
Did someone knock12k
Hey doc, are you tryin' to get yourself in trouble with the law45k
Bugs and Daffy reading rabbit and duck recipes301k
Well, there's other sports besides huntin', ya know26k
For shame, doc - huntin' rabbits with an elephant gun181k
Shh, be vewy vewy quiet. We're hunting Elmers56k
Well, here I am19k
This don't look like the Coacella Valley to me62k
I knew I shoulda taken that left toin at Alberquerque38k
Stop steamin' up my tail! What are you tryin' to do, wrinkle it90k
Of course you realize this means war55k
Ahh, me public22k
What a gulla-bull, what a nincowpoop50k
Okay, Toro, whenever you can spare the time31k
What an im-bessil, what an ultramarron56k
Well here we are, Pismo Beach and all the clams we can eat41k
You know I just bet we shoulda toined left at Alberquerque49k
What's up, duck27k
Me genie, the light brown hare37k
Wouldst thou like to have all this treasure for thy very own43k
Iggity aggity oop61k
What's with you anyway15k
Well, what do you know, a poil29k
There's only one little thing wrong with it24k
I'm lookin over a three leaf clover67k
And remember, mud spelled backwards is dum34k
What's Opera Doc - Bugs and Elmer605k
But she was somebody's baby oncet54k
There! That's better16k
There's something faintly unhealthy in the atmosphere of this cottage122k
Wow! That old babe means to do me serious hoit64k
Hello, air raid headquarters95k
Ain't I a stinker15k
I cannot fight no more against such genius35k
Okay, buster, what's the idea shootin' sargeants out of season47k
Square dance from Hillbilly Hare1745k
Gold. Gold! Gold!!! GOOOLLLD!!!!!!151k
You realize that this is not going to go unchallenged52k
If'n it don't look like one of them newfangled teleophones79k
Could I use yer teleophone31k
I'll bet a penny on number 2328k
Don't try to steal no 18 carats from no rabbit49k
How many lumps do you want171k
Louisiana Back Bay Bayou Bunny Bordelaise85k
The chorus - short79k
The chorus - long200k
The Rabbit Of Seville610k
There's gold in them thar hills28k
Scratch one genius20k
And just who do you think you are20k
This happens to be my native soil, and i like it - in fact, I love it!191k
Bugs and Sam charging each other's fort738k
Ahh, yer brudder blows bubble gum28k
Bugs and Sam play catch with a cannonball580k
Christopher Columbus song180k
Elmer searches for Bugs with his Wabbit Detector393k
What a knucklehead20k
Ya gotta get up early in the morning to outsmart this rabbit81k
I have more fun than people21k
Well let's see now, where do they put the starter on this thing34k
I wonder what this one's for17k
I refuse to look up any more reference because you talk mean to me, say you're sorry51k
Say you're sorry with sugar on it21k
One or two lumps105k
I wonder why they put the south so far south46k
If it ain't the lil ol south132k
What's the hassle, schmassle16k
Slave scene from Southern Fried Rabbit478k
Yankee Doodle75k
Bugs explains the start of life221k
The gift500k
Singing Sleepin' in the cold cold ground133k
I'm trying to build a home and people gotta bury their old junk right here where I'm workin'67k
All-add-in's Lamp - Lamp, some lamp119k
Things are tough all over, doc21k
Now cut that out! That's enough of that stuff!36k
Poisonally, I think the guy's a phony24k
This looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship36k
Baghdad, mmmm, I wish I could go to Baghdad44k
Hey look fellas, I'm a hare-plane!31k
Eh, what's up, eh, beaverpuss39k
Aladdin's Lamp! Eh, correction doc, Bugs Bunny's lamp87k
Just a minute doc, let's not start splittin' hares42k
Er, uh, a harem, i tink - Oh that was a harem all right, I know a harem when I see one143k
Cut it out! You'll wrinkle the material!44k
Looks like I'll need a little help28k
You'll be sorrrreeee!30k
I wonder what the poor rabbits are doing this season51k
Bugs gives Rudolph a hairdo628k
Bugs kicks the bucket422k
Why you big nincom - poing - poop66k
Does this answer your question26k
You know, someday these scientists are going to invent something that will outsmart a rabbit63k
Eh, just washed my ears and i can't do a thing with 'em37k
Eh, what's up duke46k
And whomsoever art thou, in thy cast iron tuxedo43k
My, he's a big one30k
Don't go around insultin' my friends, or i shall get me a can opener, and open thee up123k
Ouch, ooh, ohh, ow, ow, ow, ow, ooh, ooh, ow29k
Puttin' that eight ball in the side pocket is all very well, but it still don't explain what I'm doing in this booby hatchery72k
Do you smell brimstone18k
Hoo boy, what big horny toads they do have around here42k
Well, that gives him a hobby23k
Well, why not, after all, they laughed at the man when he discovered penicillin59k
Wow, what a relief27k
I must be toddling along, spot of tiffin and all that - give my regards to the king95k
Yeah, mister wise guy, now yer gonna get it38k
Eh, where was we24k
The king approaches305k
I wonder how you get out of this place42k
Bugs sells real estate to the Sheriff of Nottingham767k
What a mess11k
I should have gone to worchesterchesterchestershire22k
Oh, Gwenevere, this is where i came in33k
Oh, you again!20k
Bugs introduces Sheriff of Nottingham and Little John261k
Got lots of stamina17k
The King (Bugs) knights the Sheriff of Nottingham285k
Bugs meets Robin Hood, aka Errol Flynn371k
Rabbit stew - mmm, sounds good36k
Heh, heh, hrrrruh19k
It'll take him all day to figure this one out25k
Good night, Mister Borroughs - Good night, Bugs46k
Hey, just what i need, a bath!40k
Hey, what's the big idea cookin' rabbits30k
Ain't you got nothin' better to do22k
Um, what's cookin' witch doctress25k
Must cost plenty to heat this pile of rocks27k
Oh yeah, well - screwy laugh78k
Yoo-hoo, granny, here I am!47k
What a wacky witch18k
To be, or not to be, that is the question72k
Eh, what's up - whoooooo - doc48k
Now just a minute, doc!22k
The Rabbit In Red51k
I'll see ya later8k
You asked for it17k
Bugs and big bad wolf at grandma's house1199k
Soives ya right12k
Book, schnook, blow da house down!25k
Singing It's Magic381k
Hey, what's this, an oithquake49k
Here, throw this on the fire, I just love the smell of old hickory53k
Well, okay Mac, if you say so31k
Okay, okay, quit shovin29k
Be a pal and see if ya can't scare up a few more ash trays, kiddo, huh40k
Ain't ya comin in Mac - the goils have been askin for ya36k
Hey goils, the life of the party is here33k
I don't ask questions, I just have fun34k
Carrots - Carrots, who what where when who where where what where who when61k
Why those doity crooks, someone oughta teach them crime doesn't pay77k
Isn't it wonderful what you can do with some wire and a few electric bulbs45k
You've been eatin' onions17k
Atsamatta for you 148k
How about a couple carrots for this rock, Pierre 45k
Keep the change, doc 14k
Insert two dimes or one dime and two nickels etc etc etc 116k
Way I figure it, we're somewhere in the Hime-a-layus mountains 53k
Hey, an abominable-ble snowman 34k
Don't give it a second thought 15k
Singing in the shower, hits a sour note 324k
Looks like a torpeda 16k
You are Jack and you know it because it is a fact 38k
Ah, white man - welcome to Huma-huma-nooka-nooka-oppa-wa-a-a-a-a-a-a Island 71k
Weeeeellllll, goodbye! 24k
Bugs sings Home On The Range, Texas style 203k
This here hole's my home, such as it is 33k
Now you wait just a minute Finster, and uncle Bugsy'll get ya somethin to play with 50k
No no no no, you musn't play with the money, it's very dirty 52k
Finster, stop that, why are you holdin' yer breath 34k
Okay kid, okay, here, here, here you are 18k
Gosh, don't do that again, you had me scared 30k
Finster tries to make off with the money 204k
Finster you come back here 21k
Aren't you ashamed 15k
No no Finster, it's bedtime, sandman's waiting 52k
And down will come Finster, cradle and all 46k
Bugs gets beaten by Finster 317k
Shucks, what a cutie 25k
Finster shaving at his age, and tatooed, and smokin' a ceegar 73k
Oh Finster, oh Finster baby 55k
Oh there you are you naughty baby 38k
Oh dear, I do believe I've forgotten my fudge 61k
Aww, sakes alive, did-ums fall down 43k
Bugs gives Finster a spanking 105k
Don't be such a crybaby, after all, 99 years isn't forever 63k
What am I doing! 21k
Could that have been a gremlin 103k
Gets whacked and screams in pain 52k
Which way did he go, George, which way did he go 145k
I'm only three and a half years old 54k
Here, gremlin, here, gremlin gremlin gremlin 93k
It's about time for me to employ a little stragedy 88k
Good night folks, we're running out of time 32k
Wow, what a belt 21k
Could you tell me the shortest route to Pittsboigh 26k
Boy, they don't make places like this any more 32k
Boy, keen lookin' lobby they got here 36k
Telephones, telephones, why do hotels always hide their telephone - booths 96k
Say, nice little flat you got here doc 91k
Well, I am a little fata-gued 44k
Golly, what big mosquitoes they do have around here 36k
Boy, I hope the restaurant is still open, I haven't eaten since I left Cucamonga 58k
La da dee dee daa daa la da da daa da daa da abacadabra 79k
La da dee dee daa daa la da da daa da daa da hocus pocus 151k
Abracapocus 20k
Hocuscadabra 15k
Walla Walla Washington 22k
Hello, operator, will you please get me the Acme Travel Service in Perth Amboy USA 82k
Now what's all this about a turtle beatin' a rabbit 140k
Well I'll tell ya what I will do, stupid, I'll betcha ten bucks I can beat ya 57k
Hey Sea Biscuit, you all set 95k
How did you get up here anyway - ooh uh, just, uh, runnin' 156k
Huh 8k
Bugs tries to figure out how Cecil got ahead of him 187k
So long, Shorty - So long, Speedy 62k
That oughta slow the little screwball down some 27k
You said it, brudda 19k
Woowowowow 25k
Oooh, you blankety-blank blank turtle, how, how, how 103k
Hey, I wonder if I've been tricked 35k
Bugs discovers that he's been had 223k
Have brain, eh, that must be very handy at times 42k
Jimmy Crack'd Corn (compiled from several clips) 901k
I don't like to disagree with no genius, doc 31k
Singing Carrots Wait For No One 173k
Of course the real beauty of this machine is that it has only one moving part 55k
This looks like a job for the masked avenger 87k
I am the truant officer madam, why aren't the children in school 51k
Oh come now, don't be coy 24k
Aren't you ashamed of yourself, roastin' children 50k
Hansel, Hansel, Hansel 52k
Run for your dear little lives, she is a witch and means to eat you for her supper 68k
Peepin' through the knothole of grampa's wooden leg 161k
Don't go up there, it's dark 21k
Bugs and Giovanni Jones singing (1) 765k
Bugs and Giovanni Jones singing (2) 433k
Could it be that I carried this thing too far - neeah, could be 117k
Hoboken, oooh, I'm dyin' again 60k
Start talkin', it's your nickel 23k
Honest and for true 20k
Bugs keeps on yapping after Sam tells him to shut up 159k
And don't think it hasn't been a little slice of heaven, cause it hasn't 43k
Singing What's Up Doc with Elmer 470k
He's not in here, he's not in here 31k
Bugs tries to figure out how to get to the LaBrea Tar Pits 206k
He put up a terrific battle ma'ma, but clean living prevailed 46k
Bugs beats up McRory's bagpipes 255k
Hey, wait a minute, you're no woman, you're a man 48k
What's wrong - what's wrong he says 38k
Why you can't go around like that, it's indecent 35k
It ain't got no two pair of pants but it will do til you get home 38k
Could you point out to me the shortest route to the LaBrea Tar Pits in Los Angle-ees 55k
Scotland - neehh, what's up mac doc 53k
Bug and McRory arrange a game of golf 482k
Fore! 15k
A hole in one, not bad 29k
Bug has a bad hole in his golf game 699k
I win 13k
I just wonder if he's as dumb as he looks 23k
Just what's the meaning of this 20k
I demand that you get rid of this immediately 27k
This is an outrage 17k
I demand and explanation 19k
Bugs and Sam arguing over swabbing the deck 247k
Go away doc, you bother me 21k
Bugs does a Danny Kaye scat routine 178k
An audience - hey, what's the attraction, doc 33k
Bugs does the Dr Gillespie routine 155k
Bug's reaction to encountering a skeleton in the closet 52k
Magic words and phrases 32k
Reville 210k
HEY - how hallowe'eney can ya get 45k
Eek 8k
Gulp 7k
Eh, wh, wh, wh, what's up doc 42k
And suppose I decline to accompany you on your delightful journey, shorty 58k
Terrified laugh 12k
Well come on, what are we waitin' for, let's go 27k
Flying saucer for Saturn, June, Jupiter, Venus, the Dog Star and Mars, now leaving on track 5, all aboaaAARD 140k
You are a mental case 30k
Bricka bracka firecracka sis boom bah, Bugs Bunny Bugs Bunny rah rah rah 220k
Bugs gives Gossamer a manicure 368k
Bugs leaving on a boat 267k
Enter O seeker of knowledge - that's you, fathead 64k
Bugs really is scared 250k
Singing When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano 238k
Why I could lick them in a ball game with one hand tied behind my back 158k
Catching, Bugs Bunny - Left Field, Bugs Bunny - etc 119k
Bugs playing catcher 1 58k
Bugs playing catcher 2 63k
Bugs playing catcher 3 59k
Bugs throws his slow ball 178k
Bugs argues with the ump 209k
Taxi, follow that ball 22k
Watch me paste this pathetic paluka 88k
Jiggers fellas, the cops 20k
Bugs keeps on yapping after Rocky tells him to shut up 119k
Knock - anybody home 25k
I'll do it, but I'll probably hate myself in the morning 46k
I wonder if Daffy will remember that he can fly - nope, I guess not 89k
I wonder if that silly duck will remember that he can swim - nope, I guess not 81k
Pardon me - pardon me - excuse me - etc 90k
Gimme a straight shot of carrot juice over the rocks 41k
All I get are shovelfuls of these little yellow rocks 85k
Well, here's mud in your eye 37k
Hey, now who'd do a doity trick like that 36k
Okay, okay, I surrender, here, take it, take it 39k
Gee, those northern lights are pretty this time of year 37k
The fun you can have with a bunch old rocks, and a can of yellow paint 81k
Martinique song 242k
That's a pretty good trick doc, but can you do this 31k
Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out of it alive 70k
Bugs arrives at Miami Beach 305k
Your slip is showin' 15k
Yoo hoo, mister A-rab 24k
I wonder if he's stubborn enough to open all those doors 128k