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Beaky Buzzard

Beaky Buzzard "Nope, Nope..." 95k

Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny "Aint it awful" 12k Bugs Bunny "Get me outa here" 23k Bugs Bunny "Hey doc, wait I wanta ask ya somethin" 28k Bugs Bunny "Suit yourself Doc." 14k Bugs Bunny "Thanks alot Doc." 15k Bugs Bunny "You've got troubles mac." 19k Bugs Bunny "What's all the hubub.. bub" 69k Bugs Bunny "What's up doc? #2 18k Bugs Bunny "What's up doc?" 34k Bugs Bunny "Pardon me for interuptin" 25k Bugs Bunny "Hey doc, why are you so Cantankerous today?" 26k Bugs Bunny "Special Delivery from Mars" 16k

Cecil Turtle

Cecil Turtle "Rabits aren't very bright either" 83k

Daffy Duck

Pato Lucas "Don't call us, we'll cal you" 35k Pato Lucas "I got a favorite day" 19k Pato Lucas "And you want me to find Planet X" 29k Pato Lucas "Gadd, how do I do it?" 22k Pato Lucas "Just a par-boild minute" 23k Pato Lucas "My aren't we touchy today" 24k Pato Lucas "Let's go over here and talk private.." 20k Pato Lucas "Yeah, that's it!" 10k Pato Lucas lines from "The Great Piggy Bank Robbery" 317k Pato Lucas "You're Despicable!" 24k "Little does he realize I have on my disintegration proof vest" 104k "Ho!HA!Guard!Turn!Pary!Dodge!Spin!HA!Thrust!" 72k "...and brother when it disintegrates it disintegrates!" 137k Pato Lucas "Song #1" AU 205k Pato Lucas "Song #2" AU 77k Pato Lucas "Story" AU 142k Pato Lucas "Party story" AU 30k


Dawg (Foghorn's Rival) "I'll moider the bum!" 56k

Elmer Fudd

Elmer Fudd "Be very very quiet" 17k Elmer Fudd "Longer version of the above" 69k Elmer Fudd "Smellivision replaces television.." 62k Elmer Fudd "Kill The Wabbit!!!" 97k

Foghorn Leghorn

Foghorn Leghorn "That dogs as subtle as a hand grnade..." 42k Foghorn Leghorn "I've been hornswagled" AU 22k


Temas de canciones Looney Tunes AU 154k Terminación de Looney Tunes AU 50k Raymond Scott's "Powerhouse" 221k Grabación de "Putty Tat Trouble" 273k Esto tiene buen sentido 35k Cientificos Malos "Never Send a monster.." 56k

The Gremlin

The Gremlin "Whatsa matter bunny rabit" 69k The Gremlin "I like him, he's silly!" 32k The Gremlin "These blockbuster bombs.." 89k

Witch Hazel

Hazel the Witch "Notice how I ride side-saddle" 66k

Marvin Martian

Marvin Martian "You make me very angry" 16k Marvin Martian "Oh goody we're on" 54k

Pepe' Le Pew

Pepe' Le Pew "Where are you.." 53k

Porky Pig

Porky Pig "The names Porky Pig" 22k Porky Pig "I'm not so stupid" 20k

Corre Caminos

Corre Caminos "Meep Meep.." 6k Corre Caminos "Meep Meep #2" 4k Corre Caminos "Meep Meep #3" 5k Corre Caminos "Meep Meep #4" 5k Corre Caminos "Meep Meep..Tong.." 14k Corre Caminos "Meep Meep #5" 7k

Sam & Ralph

Sam Sheepdog & Ralph Wolf 151k

Pete Puma

Pete Puma "Oh 3 or 4..." 314k Pete Puma "I'm the little fellers mother" 751k Pete Puma "But you told me to" 28k


Piolin "I tawt I taw a puddy tat" 19k

Yosemite Sam

Yosemite Sam "I hate rabbits" 25k Yosemite Sam "I'ma warnin ya" 28k

Efectos de Sonido

Sonido de flechas 17k Sonido de golpe y caer 30k Sonido de Buzz 29k EyiehEyieeaye!!! 10k

Speedy Gonzales

Speedy Gonzales "Hello pussycat" 80k


Silvestre "Sufferin succatash" 23k Silvestre "Suffering succatash, squab" 42k

The Tazmanian Devil

Taz "Flattery will get you nowhere" 28k The Taz sound effect 51k

The Weasel

The Weasel "Yeah Yeah Slurp Slurp.." 42k

Wile E. Coyte

Wile E Coyote "Genius" 40k