Bayonnet in the butt (2) 33k
Bayonnet in the butt (1) 26k
But boss, I.. you... but, but, but 29k
Bayonnet in the butt (3) 51k
Little terrier 37k
Un skunk et de pew 25k
Oh, yeah (construction worker) 16k
Oh, no (construction worker) 23k
Ah, your mother rides a vacuum cleaner 37k
Say, pardon me, but could you help out a fellow American who's down on his luck 48k
Eeyow 9k
Uaaahh! 18k
Elvis the Gorilla 105k
Uh, yeah 19k
Soldiers running out of barracks in a panic 55k
Lion roar 22k
Release the lions 21k
For obvious reasons, this program must be temporarily interrupted 77k
You'll be sorrreeee! 28k
Okay boys, now we're after rabbit 31k
The tasmanian devil's on the loose! Run! Run! Run for your life! RUN! 56k
Pirate 119k
Of course you know this means war (ant) 23k
Speedy Gonzales the fastest mouse in all Mehico 47k
Stoopeed 11k
Rudolph in his cage 54k
Huh huh huh, get him, tryin' to fool me again 50k
Penguins is practically chickens 26k
The world's supply of aludium phosdex, the shaving cream atom,is alarmingly low 58k
I am the genie of the lamp, o master 37k
Sacre cerise - le pew! 35k
Leaping lizards - le pew! 42k
Le quiet... Le Quiet... LE QUIET!!!!! 53k
Sylvester gets thrown out of Broken Arms 71k
RING - and there goes the bell! 32k
Yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! 28k
Gettin' cute again, huh 18k
Who's-a the wise-a guy 16k
Morning, Sam - Good Morning, Ralph 66k
The Wishy Washy Washing Machine Company of Walla Walla Washington 45k
Intro for This Is A Life 142k
This Is A Life 18k
The Dodo 108k
Hey cat, why don't you run, doncha know i'm gonna massacre ya 60k
Now wait a minute, don't gimme none of that guff 37k
It just don't add up 23k
Aardvark Ratnik's manifesto 270k
Aardvark Ratnik's manifesto (volume edited) 270k
I don't know why I watch these corny soap operas 52k
Up there in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Stupor Duck! 71k
Knight introduces himself to Bugs 156k
Boston Quackie - friend to those that need no friends 94k
She's pretty small 18k
I wish my brother George was here 30k
Cook! Cook! Where's my hasenpfeffer! 59k
Introducing The Crusher 487k
The Crusher 21k
I'm feelin' mighty low 43k
C'mon, c'mon, let's have some action 24k
Yeeowowowow 20k
Slowpoke Rodriguez, he pack a gun 63k
Cook - where's my lunch - where's my dinner 70k
Dog tries to make sense out of Claude Cat and Hubie and Bert 559k
People! AAAHHHHhhhhhhh! 69k
Bring in the double 15k
This is long distance, just a little ol' minute please 47k
Maverick, stop the car, there's a hole out there on my property that ain't gushin' oil 75k
There just ain't no holes in Texas without oils a-gushin outa them 51k
Maverick! Keep your eyes open 28k
What's up - why I'm a-aimin' to dyneemite this here oil drillin' hole, that's what's up 64k
Lower down some dyneemite, Maverick - a whole heap of it 56k
Finster baby talk (1) 32k
Finster baby talk (2) 24k
Finster baby talk (3) 40k
Finster baby talk (4) - dada 8k
Television broadcast about Ant Hill Harry, a.k.a. Baby Face Finster 141k
Finster cursing 67k
Finster crying in his jail cell 111k
Were going on a boat 93k
Jose and Manuel singing 508k
Just passin' by (Crusher) 48k
Wwwwhat (Crusher) 21k
Crusher in a daze 471k
Crusher growling 48k
Ladies and gentlemen, a special announcement 70k
Fresh meat (Crusher) 21k
Now why was I trying to catch a train (Charlie Wolf) 30k
Open up the door or I'll, I'll, gee, what will I do (Charlie Wolf) 105k
Heavy breathing (Charlie Wolf) 30k
Charlie Wolf trying to remember why he ran up the mountain 399k
Bull 36k
Who is that delicious young creature, Emily 46k
Doesn't he look sweet and crunchy, Agatha 36k
Anyone we know, Agatha - No - Splendid looking specimen though 72k
Emily, look, it's our little friend 40k
Look friend, if you don't stop flappin' that big yap of yours 142k
Hansel and Gretel (1) 77k
Hansel and Gretel (2) 99k
My name is Gretel - und my name is Hansel 46k
Ach - un himmel 14k
Most outrageous exhibition of wanton cowardice 51k
Stop steaming up my glasses 30k
Pussycats is the craziest peoples 66k
Ostrich (1) 11k
They left me all alone, where'd everybody go 62k
Ostrich (2) 12k
A birthday cake, now who coulda knowd it was my birthday 70k
Leopold's entrance 231k
A little overly done 26k
Crummy Crunchies commercial 100k
And where is my rabbit sandwich 34k
I like you, baby, you're different 37k
The winner, and new world's champion, The Terror! 84k
Now pick up your face and sit on that egg 43k
This is it, hot shot 16k
Cheese, I just love cheese, really I do 48k
That 'ere rabbit critter's bound to be around here somewheres 91k
Oh no - crash 45k
I only like em if they're tall, dark and gruesome, like you 44k
They make me laugh 35k
Give to me large kiss 26k
Hey boss, this is all I could find 34k
Okay Rocky, open up now, we gotcha 43k
All right Rocky, down to the station house with ya 37k
Yeaaahhhussss 18k
Leopold's entrance (22k) 1001k
Screaming Liner 67k
I meant to say strike 124k
Well he can't outsmart me, cause I'm a moron 54k
I'm a moron 17k
Pasta fazool 15k
We're gonna have roast rabbit 58k
Gold - gold - gold - gold - gold - GOLD! 85k
Bugs Bunny, who'sa discovered America 46k
Shultz! Office! 33k
Here is message you ask me to write 25k
This look like very good message 28k
You can't be sure what's in the pickle barrel til you get the lid of'n it 58k
Hey, I better cut this out, I may get to like it 30k